Frank knows his stuff, is responsive and a pleasure to work with.

David F. – October 2017

Frank Rexford went above and beyond to answer my questions and concerns. I would recommend him to anyone that needed a mortgage loan.

John S. – September 2017

Frank Rexford quarterbacked my awkward loan through in one month and lovingly worked with my elderly parents with patience, grace and good humor. He was on every detail in real time and held us accountable to do the same which

Donia R. – July 2017

Better rate and service than online discount mortgage lenders, always working towards closing such that everything happened on time.

Matthew P. – July 2017

Our loan officer, Frank Rexford, was great. This is the third mortgage we have obtained with Frank’s help, and he has been highly professional and effective in each case.

Kelly B. – May 2017

Frank Rexford was extremely helpful in finding the best approach to my personal case, which was unusual. He was competent and easy to work with. I already recommended him to others.

Alessandro T. – March 2017

You know how people say that they have a family friend who can help? Frank should be your family friend. Frank helped us with our first mortgage as new homeowners, and he was so amazing that 5 years later we

Heather H. – March 2017

Frank Rexford very professional, accessible out of business hours, gently tutored we first- time home buyers.

Ian M. – March 2016

Frank is awesome, it’s been a real pleasure to work with smart, professional people who know what the client needs.

Ariel D. – November 2016

Frank Rexford is very good: efficient, conscientious and personable.

Valerie H. – November 2016

Best loan experience I have ever had in over 10 experiences in buying homes.

Kevin H. – September 2015

I had the best experience with my loan officer, Frank Rexford and his team. I went to them and was very much needing a loan to make a dream come true for our family. He was not only helpful, kind,

Carol H. – August 2015

Frank Rexford and his staff went beyond what expected level of service to support me throughout this process. When computer services in his neighborhood went down, he continued working on my loan details from home; at another point he helped

Margaret M. – August 2015

Frank went above and beyond throughout the whole process to make sure we were happy and that everything was taken care of.

Anna C. – July 2015

Frank is very professional and gave me great service and personal attention to process two mortgages for me simultaneously.

Sean O. – May 2015

Frank Rexford was awesome!

David G. – July 2014

Frank is awesome! Very organized, excellent staff and good communication, with all details well explained.

Elizabith A. – September 2014

We really appreciate Frank. He is great as always!

Cherie N. – September 2014

Frank Rexford – 3 thumbs up!!!

Cathy G. – October 2014

Frank is very personable and such a professional! Everything worked out beautifully!

Nancy F. – April 2014

Frank was extremely courteous and responsive. Most importantly, things played out financially/numerically the way Frank said it would in an unbeatable time frame. Thanks again Frank!

Marguerite S. – January 2013

Frank Rexford in Durham, NC was very professional and helped me through the whole process. As a new homeowner, I cannot say enough about how much he helped! Frank also came to closing, which is an unusual occurrence! I felt

Mia I. – January 2013

The Refi went very well and we are very pleased with the experience. Frank Rexford is an excellent Broker and has always provided us with the best counsel and support. We have used him for the financing of 3 houses

David B. – September 2011