Here is a brief introduction to my outstanding team, and the process from here through closing:

Julie Keever

Julie Keever,
Mortgage Processor
NMLS License # 1041576

As my mortgage processor, Julie strives to view your application through the eyes of an underwriter before submitting it for loan approval, to anticipate underwriting issues that can be addressed in advance, helping to ensure a smooth, on-time loan closing.

With 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Julie works diligently behind the scenes reviewing and underwriting financial statements and appraisals. She works closely with my clients, appraisers, insurance agents, closing attorneys and underwriters, always with your closing date in mind.

Julie is a native of Chapel Hill and an avid runner. She graduated from The University of North Carolina with a BA in Industrial Relations.

Office:  919-918-2511
Fax:  919-929-6146

Ruth Bramlett

Ruth Bramlett,
Mortgage Loan Assistant

With 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Ruth works diligently to keep your loan moving forward towards a smooth closing. Ruth orders appraisals, orders title work from your closing attorney, and works with insurance agents to obtain an approval for your homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Ruth is truly Julie’s right hand, working behind the scenes to provide whatever additional assistance Julie may need whenever she needs it.

Office:  919-929-6116
Fax:  919-929-6146


The Mortgage Dog

Lola has been an occasional visitor to our office since she was a puppy. She always does her best to assist us in any way she finds appropriate.

She is a big believer in teamwork and a strong proponent of out of the box thinking. Although Lola has a tendency to nap on the job, she is easily forgiven because of the great attitude she brings to her work.

Thanks so much for this opportunity to provide mortgage financing for your new home!