If you want your offer to have an advantage in a competitive situation, I have a way to help.

You can be underwriting approved before you make an offer!

Not just “pre-approved” but UNDERWRITING APPROVED.

In this seller’s market, your offer is going to compete with buyers who are able to pay cash.  Let me put you on the fast track – enabling you to compete with buyers making cash offers. You can be fully approved by an underwriter before you shop for a home – and then you can close within 3 weeks of going under contract. Strengthen your negotiating position so your offer can stand above other buyers.

1. Get Started
• Complete your loan application and provide all required documentation.
• Your complete application package is submitted to an underwriter for review.
• Once approved, your offer is as GOOD AS CASH.  You can make an offer that gives sellers the confidence that you are underwriting approved and can close in 21 days.

• You should select your closing attorney at this time so we can order your title work as soon as you go under contract.
• You should also select your homeowner’s insurance agent at this time so your policy can be set up for underwriting as soon as you go under contract.

2. Make Your Offer
• My preapproval letter will state that an underwriter has already approved you for financing and that your offer is as good as cash. The letter will explain that all that is needed for closing is a purchase contract, an acceptable appraisal, title insurance, and homeowner’s insurance.

3. Once you are under contract:
• Provide your fully signed purchase contract so we can order your appraisal
• Sign your updated application package
• Select your homeowner’s insurance agent and your closing attorney

4. Once your appraisal has been completed
• The purchase contract, appraisal, title insurance and homeowner’s insurance are sent back to the underwriter for final loan approval.

5. Close your loan!

To get started, just click on the green “Apply Now” button at the top of this page!