Eve Smith, Loan Officer Assistant
NMLS # 1730267
Carla Johnson, Loan Processor
NMLS # 835597
office: 919-929-6116
fax: 919-591-0187
office: 919-676-1111
fax: 919-573-0785
Eve previews your application for completeness and will send you a link so you can docusign it.  She will also provide a list of the supporting documentation that we will need for the underwriter.  Eve reviews the documentation you provide to confirm it will satisfy the requirements of your loan program.  When she has your signed application and all of your supporting documentation, she will hand off your loan to Carla Johnson, our Loan Processor.

One of Eve’s key objectives is to make sure that when Carla starts working on your loan, she has everything needed for underwriting.

Carla reviews your application and supporting documentation through the eyes of an underwriter before submitting it for loan approval, to anticipate underwriting issues that can be addressed in advance.

Carla works diligently behind the scenes reviewing and underwriting financial statements and appraisals. She works closely with my clients, appraisers, insurance agents, closing attorneys and underwriters, always with your closing date in mind.

Eve and Carla work hand in hand to quickly get your loan into underwriting, helping to ensure a smooth, on-time closing.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload my documentation?
Click here  and use your user name and password to log in.  Then look in the top left corner of the page, and you will see Uploads.  You can also click the Apply Now in Frank or Matthew’s email signature, also at www.frankrexford.com.