1. Don’t apply for any new credit until after we have closed your loan, and don’t make any unusual charges on your existing credit.  Your loan is being underwritten per your current financial status.
  2. Photographs of documents are NOT acceptable.  Originals, scans and faxes are acceptable.
  3. Bank statements must contain your name, your account number, and 30 days of complete activity.  We need ALL NUMBERED PAGES of banks statements.  Even if any numbered pages are blank.
  4. Please provide your closing attorney information asap so that we can order your title work.
  5. Please provide your homeowner’s insurance agent’s contact info asap so that we can request your insurance documentation and submit it for approval.
  6. Once you have signed your loan application, we will send you a request to pay for your appraisal fee with a credit card.
  7. Please directly contact your closing attorney to obtain wiring instructions for your closing funds – you MUST do this yourself for your own security. No one on my team and no one from Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc. will ever send you wire instructions. If you receive an email from anyone at Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc. providing you with wire instructions, do NOT wire your funds with those instructions and notify me immediately.