Complete your application by clicking HERE.   This enables me to pull your credit reports, analyze your financial situation, make suggestions that are appropriate for you, complete your preapproval, provide you with accurate rate quotes, and write pre-approval letters as you need them.

Suppporting Documentation to Upload to your Application

For all borrowers:

  1. Provide a copy of a driver’s license or government issued photo ID for each borrower
  2. Provide the most recent 2 months of bank statements for each bank account you will use for your down payment and closing costs.  We need all numbered pages.
    • If you plan to use gift funds, let me know this so we can determine eligibility

For salaried borrowers:

  1. Provide your most recent 2 years of W-2 Forms
  2. Provide your most recent 30 days of paystubs

For borrowers who are self-employed, contract employees, or part-time employees:

  1. Provide two years personal IRS tax returns with all pages and all scheduled schedules

If you own any part of a business or partnership:

  1. Provide two years of K-1 Forms – these will show your % of ownership
    • If you own 25% or more of any business or partnership, we will need 2 years of the business IRS tax returns

If you are retired:

  1. Provide your most recent Social Security Award Letter
  2. Provide award letters for any pensions or annuities you receive
  3. Provide 2 months of bank statements showing the deposited retirement income
  4. Provide 2 months of complete asset statements (or your most recent quarterly statement) for your IRAs if you are taking IRA distributions. Provide all numbered pages.

If you own rental property:

  1. Provide your most recent 2 years of personal tax returns
  2. Provide copies of your leases for each property you own

If you pay or receive marital support or child support:

  1. Provide a copy of your divorce decree or separation agreement.
  2. If you will use maintenance and or child support as qualifying income, the payments must continue for at least 3 years.
  3. You will need to provide evidence that you have received the payments on time for 6 to 12 months (varies).

If you are separated:

  1. Provide a copy of a recorded separation agreement if you have one.
  2. Provide your Free-Trader Agreement.

If you are not a US Citizen:

  1. If you are NOT a US citizen, provide a copy of your green card (front & back).
  2. If you are NOT a permanent resident alien, provide us with your H-1 or L-1 visa.  Ask me about other visas.
  3. If you have DACA status, provide your Employment Authorization Document (EAD)


What to do with your documentation:

  1. You can begin assembling these documents on your computer as electronic files, such as .PDF files.
  2. When you complete your loan application, you will be able to securely upload your documents directly into your application.
  3. You can also email documents that are password protected.  Email me the password in a separate email
  4. You can fax documents directly to my eFax number: 919-869-1510


What happens next?

Once you have completed your pre-approval, I’ll be able to tell you your maximum purchase price based on your preferred financing strategy, and I will prepare a Loan Summary that will outline your down payment, closing costs, and monthly payment for your top of range purchase price, and I will let your realtor know that you are pre-approved.

When you are ready to make an offer, I will write a pre-approval letter specific to the property on which you make an offer, which your realtor will provide to the sellers with your offer to purchase.

We can’t lock your interest rate until you have a fully signed purchase contract, so please send me your contract as soon as you have it.

Then we can lock your rate, order your appraisal, and get your loan application signed. My team and I will work with you, the underwriter, closing attorney, appraiser, insurance agent and realtor to obtain your Loan Approval.

On closing day, you will meet with your attorney to sign the final loan documents, and the home is yours as soon as the deed is recorded!