Here are some great buying tips from to consider as you plan to buy a home.  Buried under item number 3 is a warning that starts with “Also be cautious of incoming emails…” which I think should be in BOLD.    Described is the rapidly growing problem of phishing.  Be wary of emails that unexpectedly request information – or worse – try to redirect and steal your closing funds…

I am so concerned with this that I recently put this warning into my email signature:

BEWARE OF SCAMS – Scams that attempt to misdirect and steal your closing funds are growing problem.  For your own safety – contact your closing attorney by telephone – at a number you know is valid – to request and confirm wiring instructions.  If you later receive an email with a change to the wire instructions – you must call your attorney again at a verified phone number to confirm the change is correct and not fraud.  No Corporate Investors Mortgage Group employee will ever provide, confirm, or change wire instructions.

5 Housebuying Tips from
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